FOURLIS Group is the exclusive franchisee of ΙΚΕΑ trademark in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

Through the operating IKEA stores, the subsidiary companies of FOURLIS Group Housemarket S.A., Η.Μ. Housemarket (Cyprus) Ltd and House Market Bulgaria EAD, are active in retail home furnishings and in providing catering services in all three countries.


The sector expands through a network of:

  • Seven Stores (five in Greece, on in Cyprus and one in Bulgaria)
  • Eight Pick-Up Points (five in Greece and three in Bulgaria)
  • Three E-Commerce Stores in all three countries


In 2017, the annual turnover of the Retail Home Furnishings sector was €291.3 millions while the Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA)  was €31.0 millions. During 2017, the total number of visitors in all the IKEA stores in the three countries was 10.7 million

The Division employees are 2.290 persons in all three countries.

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