FOURLIS Group Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Department was established in 2008 in order to coordinate the Group's companies in a common framework of actions and initiatives towards respect for People, building the foundations for a better Society and the foundations for a cleaner Environment. In 2008, FOURLIS Group became an official member of the UN Global Compact, the largest international voluntary initiative for responsible business operations, stamping its commitment to responsible business activity.


By applying administrative corporate governance practices and by adopting high standards of professional ethics, which are described in the Code of Conduct, the main concern of smanagement is the moral cultivation and incorrupt business conduct throughout the company and respect for stakeholders, namely people, customers, suppliers, shareholders, the NGOs, etc., and for the societies in which the Group operates.


Driven by Group's Values, Integrity, Respect, Efficiency, FOURLIS Group is acting responsibly aiming to create a better life, operate responsibly and work daily with the aim of creating the conditions for a better life for everyone.


The Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Department operates and continuously develops with the following pillars as its main priority:


For the People, the Society and the Environment.


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