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In June 2006, FOURLIS Group signed an agreement with InterIKEA for the development of IKEA stores in Bulgaria and for this purpose the subsidiary company House Market Bulgaria was established. In July 2008, the acquisition of a 60,000 sq. meters land plot in Sofia was completed in order to build and operate the first IKEA store close to the city center. The operation of the IKEA store started in September 2011.


Following the successful concept of Pick-Up Points in Greece, in July 2015 the first pick-up point in Bulgaria was launched in the city of Varna, eastern Bulgaria, 380 km from Sofia, in October 2016 the second pick-up point was inaugurated in Burgas while the third one launched its operations in December 2018 in the city of Plovdiv.


In September 2020, the second IKEA store in Bulgaria launched its operation in the city of Varna. This is the first medium size store of 8.000 sq.m. surface, located inside Delta Planet Mall. 

During 2020, 2.4 million customers visited IKEA stores in Bulgaria.

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