Extract from the Articles of Incorporation of the Company:

1. The business name of the company is “FOURLIS HOLDINGS S.A.” and its trade name “FOURLIS S.A.”. 

2. Seat of the company is the Municipality of Amaroussio, Attiki.

3. The term of the company is specified to June 13th of the year 2026.

4. The object of the company is: 
   A. a) the participation in domestic or foreign companies and enterprises, of any type that have been established or will be established, independently from their object or their legal type. 
       b) the investment in purchases of companies and participation in increases of share capitals of other companies. 
       c) the management of the company’s property (movable and immovable).
       d) any activity in general regarding movable or immovable property, industrial or commercial activity, similar or relative to the above referred activities that may facilitate its operation and its development. 
   B. The rendering of consulting and services to business of any type and object in the field of general administration, financial management, marketing and information systems. 

5.   The share capital of the company reaches the amount of 47.144.655,74 Euro and is divided in 51.807.314 registered shares of nominal value of Euro 0,91 each share. 

6.   The shares of the company are registered and kept in intangible form, according to the provisions of the Law 2396/1996, as in effect. 

7.  The Shareholders exercise their rights related to the administration of the company only upon their participation in the general meeting.

8.  Each share grants the right to vote in the general meeting. 

9.  The General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company is the supreme instrument of the Company and is entitled to resolve on any affair regarding the Company. Its legal resolutions bind also the absent or disagreeing Shareholders. 

10. The General Meeting is the only competent to resolve on the a) Amendment of the articles of association, b) Increase or decrease of the share capital, c) Election  of the members of the board of directors, d) Election of auditors, e) Approval of annual accounts, f) Distribution of annual profits, g) Issuance of bond loans, h) Merging, split, change, reorganization, extension of the term of dissolution of the company, i) Appointment of liquidators. 

11. The company is managed by the Board of Directors which is composed by three (3) to nine (9) members. Member of the board of directors may be a legal person that appoints a natural person for the exercise of its powers as member of the board of directors. 

12. The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the general meeting of shareholders of the company for five (5) years tenure, which is automatically extended up to the first regular general meeting after the expiry of their tenure. 

13. The members of the Board of Directors may be elected among the shareholders or third persons who may be reelected and be freely revoked. 

14. The Board of Directors is competent for the administration and representation of the company and the administration and allocation o f the company’s property. The board of directors resolves in general on all the issues of the company within the frame of the company’s object, save these which pursuant to the Law or these articles of association are subject to the exclusive competent of the general meeting. All competencies of the board of directors are subject to the reservation of articles 10 and 23a of the Codified Law 2190/1920. 

15. The Board of Directors may, only and exclusively in writing, assign and exercise all its powers and duties (save these requiring collective action), as well as the representation of the company to one or more persons, members of the board of directors, managers and employees of the company or third parties, by specifying also the scope of such assignment. All these persons may assign further the exercise of the powers entrusted to them or some of the powers to other members or third parties, if it is foreseen in the corresponding resolution of the board of directors.

16. It is prohibited to the Directors who participate in any manner in the management of the company and to the managers of the company to act without the permission of the general meeting for their own account or for the account of third parties, actions which are subject to any of the objects pursued by the company, or to participate as general partners in companies that pursue the same objects. 

17. For the valid adoption of resolution by the General Meeting in respect to the annual accounts these should have been audited previously by at least one (1) Chartered Accountant – Auditor, the fees of whom are specified according to the existing legislation of the Chartered Accountants Body. 

18. The Financial Year lasts twelve months and commences on 1st January and ends on 31st December of the same year. 



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