The Hellenic Code of Corporate Governance (hereinafter referred to as "the HCCG" or "the Code"), has been drafted by the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council (hereinafter: "the HCCC") and has already been updated (version of June 2021) within the periodical revision and harmonization with the requirements of the capital market legislation. HCCC was founded in 2012 and is the result of a partnership between the Hellenic Stock Exchanges (HELEX) and the Association of Businesses and Industries (SEV).


The Hellenic Code of Corporate Governance (June 2021) is entered into force from the entry into force of articles 1 to 24 of law 4706/2020, thus from 17/7/2021 (according to the transitional provision of article 92 § 3 of the above Law) and is uploaded on the website of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council, at the address:


The Company with the decision of its Board of Directors dated 16/7/2021, has voluntarily decided to apply the Greek Corporate Governance Code (June 2021) which has been drafted by  the HCCC which is a body of recognized reputation and accreditation based on a relevant decision of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, in compliance with the obligation arising from the provision of article 17 of law 4706/2020.


The HCCC will review the content of the Code on a regular basis and will adapt it according to developments, both in specific practices and in the regulatory framework but also according to the needs of the Greek business world.


The Code consists of Parts and Sections. In more detail:

• Part A - Board of Directors

- First Section: Role and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

- Second Section: Size and Composition of the Board of Directors

Third Section: Functioning of the Board of Directors

• Part B - Corporate Interest

- Fourth Section: Obligation of acting in Good Faith & Diligence

- Fifth Section: Sustainability

• Part C - Internal Control System

- Sixth Section: Internal Control System

• Part D - Shareholders, Stakeholders

- Seventh Section: General Assembly

- Eighth Section: Shareholders’ Participation

- Ninth Section: Stakeholders

• Part E - Instructions for drafting a Corporate Governance Statement


By adopting best corporate governance practices, the Company seeks to increase the investors’ confidence and broadens the horizons of attracting investment funds with the ultimate goal of ensuring further value to its shareholders, with transparency and safeguarding their interests.


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