The Company has and implements a Conflict-of-Interest Policy in accordance with article 14 of Law 4706/2020; any revision of this Policy should be approved by the Company’s Board of Directors. This Conflict of Interest Policy determines the circumstances constituting or possibly resulting in a conflict of interest, whereas, further specifies the procedures that must be followed and the measures that must be taken for the mitigation, the management and the resolution and settlement of each such conflict of interest that may arise.  Through this Policy instructions to the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, the management and all employees of the Company regarding the detection and the management of conflicts of interests are essentially provided.

The Company seeks to avoid conflicts of interest to ensure that it continues to operate in accordance with its purpose. In any case, it takes all necessary measures to prevent conflicts of interest and, if such conflicts arise, it acts immediately to manage and limit them by providing mitigation and resolution measures and applying the necessary controls, in accordance with the provisions of the above Policy.

Every member of the Board of Directors and every third person to whom responsibilities have been assigned by the Board of Directors, have an obligation of loyalty to the Company and must not pursue the same interests that are contrary to the interests of the Company. The members of the Board of Directors act with integrity and in the interest of the Company and safeguard the confidentiality of non-publicly available information. They must not compete with the Company and must avoid any position or activity that creates or appears to create a conflict between their personal interests and those of the Company, including holding positions in the Board of Directors or in the management of competing companies, without permission of the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company. The members of the Board of Directors must contribute their experience and devote the necessary time and attention to their duties.

They should notify the Board of Directors, prior to their appointment, of their other professional commitments, including significant non-executive commitments to companies and non-profit institutions, and report to the Board of Directors changes to the above commitments as soon as they arise. In addition, they must timely and adequately notify the Regulatory Compliance Department of the Company and the other members of the Board of Directors of their own interests that may arise from any corporate transactions and / or activities of the Company that fall under their duties, as well as of any other conflict of interest that they may have with the interests of the Company or an affiliated Company.

Each member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Company is obliged to submit to the Regulatory Compliance Division a "Declaration of Conflicts of Interests" according to the terms of the above Policy at the time of appointment to the Company, as well as on an annual basis and to update it during of the year, whenever required.

No member of the Board of Directors is allowed to vote on issues for which there is a conflict of interest between him (or an affiliated person) and the interest of the Company. In this case, the decisions are taken by the other members of the Board of Directors.

The Regulatory Compliance Directorate examines and evaluates all conflicts of interest notified to it in cooperation with the Legal Directorate or the Human Resources Directorate or any other Directorate required, and the decision is made on the measures to be taken for the appropriate resolution or conflict management, by properly informing the person involved. The Regulatory Compliance Department keeps a record of all cases of conflicts of interest that have been notified to it and the decisions that have been taken to address them, in addition to informing at least annually, the Company’s Audit Committee of the above incidents and decisions taken during the year by submitting a relevant report.


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