The convocation of General Assembly of Shareholders of the Company is in accordance with the Law 4548/2018, as in force.

Regarding the operating method of the General Assembly, the Company follows the practices mentioned below:

  • The Shareholders of the Company are informed in advance and up to schedule, for the convocation of the General Assembly, in accordance with the Law.
  • The Company publicizes on its website the Invitation of the General Assembly, the representation mode of the Shareholders, the deadlines and the mode of exercise of their rights as well as the voting results for each topic of the agenda.
  • The Company publicizes on time on its website Explanatory Note regarding the agenda, the relevant proposals by Board of Directors, the required quorum and majority for the approval of the proposals. The Explanatory Note is also available in hard copy in Company’s Head Office and is distributed to the Shareholders entering in the General Assembly.
  • Ensuring that each shareholder is able to participate at the General Assembly either by wording their views or by submitting their questions.

The Company, according Law 3884/ 2010, in its first adaption at the convocation of the Annual General Assembly of 2011, takes all measures for the consistent process and to ensure the Shareholders rights.


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